The 2015 Resource Landscape

Who is who in the resource world ?

An inventory of resource expertise (institutions) and control and profit making (corporate) has been conducted in order to evaluate the geopolitical forces engaged with natural resource issues today.
Earlier attempts to identify in one click the main players in the resource field were poorly informative. Our internet screen has generated information on a few dozen international institutions devoted to the resource problematic and agro-business multinationals that exploit and process primary natural resources.
The analysis criteria for institutions were : main missions, geographic distribution, statistics (the institution in numbers), funding, publications, strategy of action and main actions. And for corporate : production and service, geographic distribution, statistics, strategy of action toward resource management.

The results as of 2014-2015 are now available on this dedicated platform.
Thanks to the synthesis of Pauline Fournier and Aurélien Oosterlink. Each of the analyzed organizations has been informed on the initiative and access given to the published documents before opening the platform to general access. Some of the organizations acknowledged receipt and suggested additional information. Now, the platform is open access and requests contributions from readers in order to correct, update, and develop the available information and enrich the platform. In addition, links to similar or complementary inventories on renewable and non-renewable resources are appreciated (contact

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25 novembre 2015