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Ecosystem Health

Environmental impact assessment methodologies – societal and political demand, and science

How to measure the degradation of nature to determine the depreciation / amortization of its use, not recorded in the balance sheets of the nations ? We have developed a proof-of-concept tool of « ecosystem accounting » to evaluate the state of the ecosystem capital. Our systemic approach is one among a competing set of tools for environmental evaluation. There is currently no contradictory academic debate about the ability of these tools to inform and guide political and economic decision-making. There is no established peer-review process and expertise in systematically evaluating such new tools in view of their implementation.

This project challenges the situation. It consists of (1) organizing an international workshop in 2020 as a first confrontation between experts in the field (science-to-science) and concerned decision-makers and users (science-to-policy) and (2) providing a workshop preparatory research to disect the strategic landscape of environmental evaluation. The project enforces the ongoing cooperation with STEEP in Grenoble (territorial resilience, modeling) and EPF in Lausanne (Rhône watershed, data policies, systemic risk assessment).