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Anthropocene and resources

  • Anthropocene as a resource-centered

    Humans, by overexploiting resources (known as “forcing”), have produced extensive changes in land use and have altered complex food webs, ecosystems, and habitats with, as a (...)
  • Glossary - Relationship of (...)

    Relationship of terms is figured below. Society currently assumes a model of competition. As this changes to a model of efficiency, biological and work productivity can be (...)
  • Glossary

    Definition of terms Biocapacity (Biological capacity) : The capacity of ecosystems to produce useful biological materials and to absorb waste materials generated by humans, (...)
  • Anthropocene - Science Sketcher

    Cirenia Arias Baldrich (IQTB, Lisboa) sketches on one page the Anthropocene-resource issue.
  • Thermodynamics, man and biosphere

    Solving the problem – support information Photosynthesis and biomass production : land, water, yield Biological resources are life generated materials and processes which are (...)