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Bioresources and Biodiversity/Master

The advanced course « Bioresources and Biodiversity », is scheduled from May to June at the ENS de Lyon. This is a master degree course with a deep interdisciplinary content : natural sciences are intersecting economic, legal, and political dimensions of the natural resource concept. Have a look at the program in the attachment and consult the webpage of the course, masters degree in BioSciences at ENS de Lyon. The conferences, seminars and round tables are open to the public. A certificate can be delivered to interested scholars intending to take the entire course but not willing to take the examination. Nice meeting you there.

  • BioResources & BioDiversity,

    Conférences du Master Biosciences, du 26 mai au 7 juin 2015. A partir du 26 mai, les conférences du Master BioSciences de l’ENS de Lyon sont ouvertes au public. Elles ont lieu à (...)
  • Program 2015 BioResources &

    The Master Degree Course is scheduled from May 26 to June 7 at the ENS de Lyon, Amphi Bio, site Monod. May, 26 Themes : Introduction & philosophy of science Morning (...)
  • Cours mai-juin 2014 dans le (...)

    Cours dans le cadre du Master Biosciences : session mai-juin 2014 Biological Resources and Biodiversity 2014 (an eco-evo-devo view on processes shaping the biosphere) (...)
  • Cours de juin 2012 dans le (...)

    Cours dans le cadre du Master Biosciences : Biological Resources and Biodiversity 2012 (an eco-evo-devo view on processes shaping the biosphere) Organizers : Catherine Hänni (...)