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The missing link - a natural resource-systems approach.

The anthropocene, the age of man, is defined here as the new, man-made natural resources equation within the biosphere. Humans, by over-exploiting resources (“forcings”), have altered complex food webs, ecosystems, and habitats with as consequence systematic biocapacity erosion, biodiversity loss, energy crises, pollution, climate deregulation. In other terms, the result is a global natural resources “rush” leading to chronic socio-ecosystemic deficits and debts, thus creating the conditions for local and global state shifts within the biosphere.

The present-state equation, by considering that the biosphere is part of the economy, is a dead-end.

The desired state consists in putting the economy within the capacities of the biosphere, i.e. thinking and acting along the lines of Michel Serres’ “natural contract” landscape. Natural resources, all combined, are therefore key to the Gordian knot of economy, food, energy, water, land, or climate change issues.

To that end, the deep interdisciplinary strategy of the Institute is aiming at developing a natural resource-systems approach, by integrating tools and methods from natural sciences, economy-finance and legal studies. The objective is to target bundles of natural resources at regional scale in the first place.
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12 novembre 2012