Earth Day theme 2018 - Choose plastics

The Earth Day Network calls a poll to define the 2018 theme of its annual campaigns ( The proposed choice is between plastics, Biodiversity versus extinction, and extreme weather.

Choose "plastics". The reasons are rather streightforward.

Chemical deregulation is the major threat to social and ecological systems at present. The chemical cocktails we are bathing in, swalowing or breathing are poorly understood, plastics being the (more or less) visible part of the chemical eisberg. See for example the issue of medicines in water (médicaments dans l’eau, To name just one issue among the many other.

Chemical deregulation of biosphere cycles, processes, and services largely contribute to climate deregulation and biodiversity errosion.

The earlier we start to fight for phasing out all non-biodegradable materials from the economy the better.

Vote "plastics" for the 2018 Earth Day.
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Ioan Negrutiu, May 24, 2017

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23 mai 2017