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Michel Serres Honorary Fellow

We have figures and estimates for resources – global and precise statistics ! (...) but we also have an assessment of tendencies (...).
I would willingly say that the old sciences explained laws, which described details and landscapes. They intervened in the world. And we drew our mark on the world. We exploited the world. That was the global state of the old sciences and the old techniques.
And today, I believe that the new [sciences] seek not to explain but to understand. To understand means precisely that totality. It means interpreting the sums and the relationships not merely to intervene. This leads to maintaining and cultivating the world, not to exploiting it. That (…) is what we could today call – in an almost new and baptismal way – the new knowledge of resources.

Michel Serres “De l’inventaire des ressources au souci des choses” 2011

Publié ou mis à jour le 26 juin 2012