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Scientists around the world have produced and continue to produce outstanding tools and strong data addressing biospheric, energy and socio-ecosystemic problems.
However, the accumulated evidence has not yet been sufficiently structured in such a way as to be clearly understood both by members of society generally, and decision makers specifically. While programs, organizations, institutions and databases on these topics abound, political and financial means have not yet been efficiently utilized to ensure the now indispensible and large scale "ecological transition" that is required in the very near future.

We propose an integral and integrated approach to natural resources and public goods as a unifying frame and toolbox for a wide range of current problems, including poverty, climate change, energy scarcity, and biodiversity loss. We argue that this is pertinent both conceptually and operationally at individual and collective levels at this stage of our social debate and controversies if we are to achieve sustainable development on a global scale.

Within the context of the Rio+20 summit and to address these issues, the “Michel Serres Institute for resources and public goods" has been founded and will be launched September 27, 2012 in Lyon.

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31 mai 2012