Launch conference objectives

Subject : The regional resources management, with Rhône-Alpes as test-region.

Objectives :

1. Launching of the Michel Serres Institute for resources and public goods.
2. Refining the Institute’s missions and targets : participants contribution with focus on key-ideas, variables / indicators and tools / methods.

Date : Sept 27-28, 2012

Place : ENS de Lyon, IFE conference room

The Institute without walls is a partnership of various programs associating a diversity of disciplines. The list is presented at the end of the document.

Arrivals : Sept 26 evening and dinner

27 Sept, Morning session

Theme 1. Conceptual framing of (natural) resources / capital, legal and financial aspects
Aim : Challenging the conceptual frames on which nowadays agendas are set on issues such as climate change, energy, biodiversity, agro-food security, various resources. Knowing that resources are at the hart of all our environmental and societal issues and conflicts, we aim at setting up a coherent architecture and priority picture to guide further thinking and action towards a more global and integrated resources security.

Participants’ past and ongoing contributions to notions such as :
Natural / Biological resources and related terms, links to climate change ;
Biological productivity and efficiency ;
Carrying capacity and similar notions ;
Sustainability, competition and competiveness ;
Responsibility and common / public goods ;
Diversity, Governance.

27 Sept, lunch session Bon anniversaire, Michel Serres !

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27 Sept, afternoon session

Theme 2. (Near) real-time regional resources precision metrics

Aim : Generate tools for the real-time metrics of regional resources and their dynamics / fluxes, in tight connection with evolving legal, normative, and financial contexts and instruments.
(1) Why, what and how to measure ? Inventory of necessary expertise and experts.
(2) Data bases and other tools (platforms, programs) on natural resources : what we have and what we need ?
(3) Criteria and choice of test-regions for the project : the case with Rhône-Alpes

28 Sept, Morning session – regional stakeholders

Theme 3. Rhône-Alpes as test-region on agro-rural resources
Workshop aim : Presentation of the main lines of the ANR application, section Agrobiosphere, to main stakeholders within the Rhône-Alpes region (Agriculture chambers, professional organizations, civil society organizations, ).

Conclusions : Who does what next ?

Working method

Each item will be prepared ahead of time and shared with the participants as to be efficient during the work sessions.

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Colloque d'inauguration de l'Institut Michel Serres - Programme : le programme du colloque en français
Michel Serres Institute Launch Date program : English launch conference program

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