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The natural resources project is born in the amphitheater, while teaching courses such as « Science and society », « Bioresources and biodiversity », « Development and evolution », and contributing to the master degree in geography sciences, « Territorial Systems, Aide to decision and Environment » (STADE).

Questions, doubts, and personal work of the students have been instrumental in the evolution of the project.
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Courses and teaching programs

Unité d’Enseignement « Sciences et société : éthique et communication scientifiques » ( Science and society : on ethics and science communication )

Continuous education

  • IFE Chaire UNESCO « Développement durable » Bordeaux - ( in progress )

Students contribution

The course entitled « Bioresources and biodiversity »
has become the experimental ground of students’ initiatives.
Some of our students participated at the EPE-Metro Prize 2012.
They won the special prize of the jury.

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Publié ou mis à jour le 24 mai 2012