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The Michel Serres Institute missions

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Michel Serres Institute” for Resources and Public Goods

Humans use their power and knowledge to manage life systems as well as the biosphere. Therefore, research must serve to increase human understanding of those resources and how best to use them for the public good.
The Institute will work towards the desired, sustainable condition of our societies through the integrated analysis, monitoring and management of resources (production, distribution, access and circulation) by initially focusing on :

  • Challenging the conceptual frames on which present-day agendas are set on issues such as climate change, energy, biodiversity, agro-food security, resources. Knowing that resources are at the heart of all our environmental and societal issues, we aim at setting up a coherent architecture and priority picture to guide further thinking and action.
  • Generate tools for the real-time metrics of regional resources and their dynamics / fluxes, in close connection with evolving legal, normative, and financial contexts and instruments.
  • Offer alternatives to the binary World Trade Organization – World Environmental Organization governance system in discussion during the Rio+20 session, based on the absolute necessity to integrate the economy and other human activities within the cycles of the biosphere.

Publié ou mis à jour le 25 mai 2012